ISBE 2017 International Bionic Innovation Competition

The 2017 International Bionic Innovation Competition aims to engage more awareness and commitment in Bionics, to spread the sprit, idea and methodology of bionic research,to inspire innovative science and technology for the human future.

Sponsor Or Organizers

International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE)

Youth Commission of ISBE

Journal of Bionic Engineering (JBE)

Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering (KLBE), Jilin University

National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Bionic Engineering, Jilin University

Entries Rquested:

Form: Poster (1 page, the poster templates will be provided online)

All participants should be students with ISBE membership.

Content: innovative materials, devices or instruments designed with bionic concepts; the products with potential practical applications are highly encouraged.

All information are required for the online submission of both Individual poster and Group poster.

Each primary author will receive an email confirming their submission.

Grand Prizes:

Premier Prizes: 3 posters, RMB 5,000 and a Certificate.

Secondary Prizes: 10 posters, RMB 3,000 and a Certificate.

Tertiary Prizes: 20 posters, RMB 1,000 and a Certificate.


The Best Design Awards: 5 posters, RMB 500 for each and a Certificate.

The Best Creativity Awards: 5 posters, RMB 500 for each and a Certificate.

The Best Popularity Awards: 5 posters, RMB 500 for each and a Certificate.

Rules For Submission

1.The competition is open to ISBE member with membership number and only one submission with unique code is required.

2.The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.

3.All works should be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for presentation.

4.Both published and unpublished data are welcome.

5.You may submit 1 title, 1 abstract and 1 anonymous poster. However, only poster will be presented online to be viewed publically.

6.This contest just focuses on scientific topics, any political or religious-related issues will not be involved.